At Artemperature, we feel the world through art and create art-inspired lifestyle products for a more expressive, colorful and impactful humanity.

For us, there is a strict connection between Art and Fashion.

We believe in both as powerful visual languages of communication of our contemporary culture.

In the history of fashion, there are many contaminations between these two creative fields. It is a love affair that began with the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century and still continues to this day, feeding each other with stimuli and continuous innovations.

We like to remember the collaboration between the luxury brand Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama that started in 2012.

Gucci is another a luxury brand with a long relationship with art. Its connection to art starts with its owner, François Pinault, among one of the world’s greatest art collectors.

His collection exceeds $1.2 billion in value and includes over 3,000 works of modern and contemporary art. In the last ten years there were collaborations with artists. One that we love to remember is the one with Helen Downie, because it totally changed the life of the artist. Her super-glamorous and cute illustrations became extremely popular.

From Luxury brands to the life of people, where can we see this connection living and inspire everyone?

On Instagram! Here is where you can find a new, sparkling and colorful category of creative influencers. They are changing the rules of what a Fashion Influencer is. They are finally bringing creativity on social media to the next level!

Wax sculpture of Kusama at Vuitton shop, photo made by Garry Knight

Here is our selection of the Top 5 Art-Fashion Influencers You NEED to Follow in 2021

Every selection is different. Each influencer we selected will give you a different perspective on this colorful panorama.

Sue Kreitzman

For us, she is pure “life”. Life that transforms us, life full of passions, life intensively lived and life in the sense of “being full of life”. 

We are enchanted by her creativity and liveliness. She is a member of the Color Tribe at Spitafields Market, a group of East London artists. Her own clothing is made from fabrics curated at flea markets and second-hand shops.

We asked her to describe the connection between art and fashion for her, and she replied:

 “As far as I’m concerned, art and fashion are the same thing. I don’t dress for fashion per se; instead, I wear art every day of my life. I design it myself or I commission artists I mentor to make things for me. I particularly love bold jewelry. Some may call my jewelry pieces weird, I call them magnificent works of art. In fact, they are profound. The latest trends don’t interest me. I need art, I need color. They fuel my life, and keep me young.”


Behind this colorful profile name is Sarah Grossman: an event designer and Museum professional from San Diego, California. She defines herself as an “Art Nerd” and a “Fashion Maven” and she combines these elements very consistently, creating photos that mix artwork with fashion. She doesn’t use artwork just as background for her outfits; she creates a creative dialogue between the two components. The outfits look like a result of a creative flow that stems from the artwork. On her blog, you can find the story behind every photo shoot.

Sara is in love with...

LOVE, LOVE and LOVE… we love her! From her logo to her photos ending with what she writes and says you see hearts everywhere…she is the most lovely creative and quirky influencer that you can follow on Instagram.

She is so lovely because she talks about feelings, good causes, diversity, life, fashion but also common everyday things. “Sara is in love with…” is a visual diary that looks like a Vogue magazine but with the romance of a contemporary Bridget Jones movie. You simply can’t stop reading her blog and following her. Sara Streule is a Creative Director living in Zurich and often tells stories of exhibitions and museums around her. Anyway, for us, every picture she shares is a piece of art!

We asked her what is the connection between Art and Fashion and she replied:

“Fashion and Art are a love affair of experimentation and play with shapes, forms and colors! Both are ways of self-expressionism: Manifested dreams and visions seen through a cultural mirror. While most people see art as something distant that is locked away in museums, fashion is the art we live in. It keeps us warm, is part of our memories and the visual language that reveals a lot about who we are before we even say a word.”

Sophie Kugel

She defines herself as a Patron of Art and Vintage Lover. She is an architect living in Amsterdam and her Instagram feed is full of reviews of exhibitions and museums. She has a colorful, classy style and she visually dialogues art through her outfits and her place in the museum’s space. Shapes, space, colors and patterns through clothing are part of her compositions.

We like her playful digital artsy collages very much (please do more! 🙂 Sometimes, she plays with digital effects in her portraits, creating beautiful photos. Here, her reply to our question about the connection between Art and Fashion:

 “With my photography I focus on the interaction between the artwork and the viewer. Placing a person in an (art) space gives you a sense of (human) scale. The clothing plays an important role in the photo-composition in terms of color and shape. Fashion is – or can be – (wearable) art, applied to everyday life and they are historically inextricably linked.”

Miranda Makaroff

Last but not least… 

She is already a big star with over 400K of followers on Instagram. She is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist, daughter of the fashion designer Lydia Delgado and singer-songwriter Sergio Makaroff. 

Miranda Makaroff Instagram feed is a creative flow itself done by crazy, sexy and playful photos of her and her entourage, her artworks and fashion collaborations. “Pinto, luego, existo” is the caption of one of her posts, but also we read in it the explanation of her way of being creative. From chaos to genius, from fashion to art and from art to fashion. Take a shower in la vida loca and enjoy her colors!

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