We have the pleasure of dedicating a digital exhibition to Annalù; her biography, production, and interview are just some of the elements that will submerge you into her world. And it doesn’t end there. For three days only we will give you the opportunity to purchase some of her wonderful works.

A native of Venice, Annalù gives us fascinating contrasts of pure feminine sensibility – fragile lace spiderweb patterns, heart-shaped arrows hurling themselves at pierced books, and jets of water roaring down surfaces like swollen waterfalls.

The works of this artist have an elegant, refined, and never banal aesthetic, lending themselves to enhancing formal environments such as luxury hotels or cultural centers and smaller works, such as Splash and Jewels, can enhance any home.

Though they seem fragile as glass, these works are easy to conserve due to the hardiness of fiberglass and its plastic-like structure.

Annalù boasts a wide ranging curriculum of national and international exhibitions, gallery shows, and admirers all over the world, with an extensive catalogue.