This is a story of self-worth and self-confidence. This a story about me as much as it is about you.  

I’m 42 years old, and after my pregnancy I gained 5 kilos that are still there. Even if I use daily social media for personal or professional reasons, I rarely post or share photos of myself. I’m not extremely shy, I just don’t like showing myself so much. Every time that I see a picture of me, I think “Oh gosh, look at these arms, look at that belly…” the list is endless.  

But now, looking at these pictures, I don’t see my kilos anymore… I see my joy, my self-mockery and my creativity! 🙂  

Photos by KZara Visual Concepts

This was possible just because I wasn’t focused on my beauty when I got the idea to take these pictures, I was focused on the message behind the artwork done for our crossbody bag, laptop sleeve, snood and backpack. 

Photos by KZara Visual Concepts
Grazielle is a digital art collage created by me for the Sisterhood collection. It depicts three different girls in a flourishing communication flow made of symbols and graphs, with zero words… like what actually happens many times between friends. It has the colours of Spring, such as pink, magenta, green, yellow…

It was January and in Zurich it was snowing so much. This was the first time that I saw so much snow in Zurich in 5 years! 

So, the idea: why don’t I play with the contrast of Spring on the Zurich Lake and the snow effect of those crazy days? 

The end seasons don’t exist anymore right ;)? 

Our cross body bag is a fancy accessory to use every day, as well as for special occasions. So I decided to become an unconventional cute DIVA taking the sun on the beach of the Zurich Lake, but in the snow! 

This is what I am! I’m an unconventional playful human being who likes beautiful things!  

Photos by KZara Visual Concepts

Embracing who I am and not thinking too much to my appearance made me step out of my comfort zone and have fun!

So I wore my Grazielle bag and the snood, a fancy top made of palettes, and my sunglasses and then – just for having a fan and feeling less cold (brrrrr) – a bathrobe and a towel on my head with a cute pink rabbit on the top!

Thanks Art for being so inspiring and distracting me from my fears, giving me the confidence to embrace who I am!

What do you think, do you want more of these creative photos?

Photos by KZara Visual Concepts

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