Sofia Bonati is an Argentinian artist able to capture the facets of various types of female personalities.

Each woman is depicted alone, to emphasize her uniqueness, except for Orla and Olinda, the illustration chosen by Artemperature to be part of the collection dedicated to Sisterhood made to support SAHR.

10% of the proceeds of this collection go to assist legally women abused.

Sisterhood is a value very close to Artemperature. Sarah Spagnuolo, the Founder of Artemperature says ” I truly believe that thanks to sisterhood, the power of women supporting other women, the world will change for a better place! When I met SAHR, the no profit organization led by a group of women, with the mission to don’t let unpunished sexuals and gender based crimes with women victims,  I understood how crucial is the role of women able to help. We need more women who are educated and in leading positions in politics, justice and information to ensure a more equal world.  Anyway, every woman can help another woman everyday through little gestures, so let’s cheer up our “sisters”, let’s share their success, let’s offer our support, let’s be generous, we are all together in this change!”. 

Here through the Crossbody bag co-created with the illustrator Sofia Bonati you can help SAHR to support many women in need!

My cause

SAHR, Strategic Advocacy Human Rights, is a human rights no- profit organization focused on training and supporting lawyers all around the world to shape the law to achieve justice for all survivors of sexual violence.
Orla banner

Limited Edition

Discover the bag and the laptop sleeve dedicated to #sisterhood, 10% of proceeds to support women


What does mean your nickname on Instagram “Soffronia”?

Well, it sounds similar to my name, but also I’m a fan of Italo Calvino’s work, and I love ‘Invisible Cities’. Sofronia (or Sophronia) is one of the cities.

You illustrate always women, which is the reason?
Not sure, when I was younger I always draw male characters, but now I’m more inclined to portrait women. I started taking art and illustration more seriously when I became a mother and moved to another country, so there was a lot of alone time and introspection, so a lot was self expression.
What does mean for you “Sisterhood”?
It’s all about connection, the spoken and unspoken. The female psyche, our views and experiences in the world can be so complex, that more often than not, we sometimes feel that only another female friend can truly understand us.
4. Who are Orla and Olinda and what represent this artwork? (The illustration chosen by Artemperature)
I usually paint solo women portraits, so Orla and Olinda hold a special place in my production. In this case, I tried to highlight the individuality of each of the characters, they are not really interacting, however they are unfathomable linked to each other. I guess it’s the same with humanity, and even more so during this current crisis.
Where does come from the inspiration for a new illustration?
It’s not always the same. Sometimes I think in terms of colours or textures, and I build from that. I love nature, and I try to include it in my pieces. Other times it is just an idea that springs in my head, difficult to force it to happen, impossible to ignore once it’s there.
Which is your favorite artwork and why?

Right now, The Church at Auvers from Vincent Van Gogh is a favourite of mine. Although there are so many pieces from Klimt, Modigliani, Schiele, Klee or Chagall that it is hard to pick.

7. Artemperature supports through the sales of the products inspired by your illustration Sahr, a team of international lawyers who help women victim of violence to obtain justice in Countries where unfortunately is still difficult have equal rights for women. Joining to our collection you became an Ambassador of the rights for women to obtain justice as any other person. How do you feel to be part of this community of women?
It’s heartbreaking to hear news of the unjust treatment women (and other groups) still suffer in many parts of the world. I think personal commitment, case by case, person to person support and punctual actions is the way we can change lives. I’m grateful I’m able to participate with this group.
Three things you hate
Being tired, being mad, warm drinks (either hot or cold, no in-betweens please!)
Three things you LOVE
My children, listening to the right tune at the right time with the right mood, a perfect piece of fruit.