Andrea Salvatori  is a Romagnan artist who’s pottery transports the viewer into worlds of fantasy. Salvatori’s work nearly takes us down the rabbit hole, but his aesthetic execution grounds us in reality.

 Salvatori pursues perfection though thoughtfully executed pottery. He creates mini stories demonstrating the innocence and naivety of characters of absurd fantasy. Salvatori’s work is suitable for both museum pedestals and bedside tables. The work comments on and exemplifies kitsch’s convergence with fine art. Salvatori balances the techniques of master sculptors with unconventional subject matter, and relies on traditional methods to create contemporary fantasy.

Chiara Cardinali

Salvatori graduated with a degree in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2000, and won the 1st Faenza Prize at the International Competition of Ceramic Art in 2009. Today, Salvatori is an established artist who you can see at THE POOL NYC exhibition in Milan until February 16th, 2018.

In this documentary made by Arte Romagna, Salvatori explains his technique.

Are you ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole?