Let’s visit the Museums again! One of my biggest regret of this lockdown has been not having experienced the Olafur Eliasson exhibition in Zurich. The lockdown started just a couple of weeks before the closing of the ” must-see” exhibition in Zurich, and I lost it.  Kunsthaus didn’t extend it and so it’s gone. Instead, Haus Konstruktiv extended two super interesting exhibitions and I’m really glad that they did it because I went and it was amazing!

Two genius of paintings with elements. This is the main thought that I got during my visit to these two exhibitions at Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich. Otto Piene surprised me for the innovative and fresh way he experimented with air and light almost 50 years ago. Brigitte Kowanz, was really a discovery because I didn’t know her and I found an amazing and so brilliant artist and woman.

Both exhibitions are very refreshing and immersive. You can take a relaxing pause in the Light Ballet Room of Piene, enjoying the projections of lights, as you can play with all reflections of the mirrored words made of light in the Kowanz’s exhibition.

You can experience Otto Piene without explanations, instead, I suggest to read something in more about Brigitte Kowanz, because there are many hidden messages in her artworks, like she experimented also the Morse code with numbers.


Here you can find some info, pictures and videos made by me, so enjoy!

Sarah Spagnuolo


Haus Konstruktiv Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zürich

Until September 13th 2020

Mon: closed
Tue/Thu/Sun: 11 am – 5 pm
Wed/Sat: 11 am – 8 pm

Entrance fee: 16 CHF


Otto Piene was a German artist who founded in 1958 the group ZERO and in the 80s he bacame the director of Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT in Cambridge. 

The Zero artists were particularly fascinated by LIGHT as medium. His artworks bring us in a cosmic mood where we think to the sky as a place of chemicals and transformative revolutions. I enjoyed a lot the star-shaped Inflatables in the first room, the air is pumped in and out slowly making these shapes changing all the time. 

The artist-planner is needed. He can make a playground out of a heap of bent cans, he can make a park out of desert, he can make a paradise out of a wasteland, if he accepts the challenge…In order to enable artists of the future to take on planning and shaping tasks on a large scale, art education has to change completely.

Otto Piene

Brigitte KOWANZ

Brigitte Kowans is one of the most important Austrian contemporary artists. Some of the works exhibited are from ’80s and some ’90s. Lost under the Surface is the title of her exhibition and it is also part of the meaning of her research. In her artworks there is a mechanical part that is made by wires, plugs and functionalities but what we see is the light and Light is what we see is also a series made in ’90s using power strips with glow lamps inserted in them.

The work of Brigitte Kowanz is communicative, many words and messages make the language very important.

We are in a constant translation process. Perception is translation. Language is translation.

Brigitte Kowanz