Looking Back One Year

The inaugural year of Artemperature has come to an end and with it we are beginning to see the success that our website has produced.  I decided to write this post in first person to fill you in about me, because even as Artemperature grows with more people, I want to share with you the process of how this project blossomed from my little head.

Two years ago, following a transfer abroad that had led me to leave my decennial work in a communication office for a large company in Milan, I started from scratch.

This was scratch for me – I was in a country that spoke a language I could not understand and I realized I could not practice my profession anymore.

This tabula rasa made me reflect deeply – what really fascinates me? How can I make a difference beyond language barriers? And thanks to asking these questions I retraced my life experiences: art high school, a time at the Academy of Fine Arts, and then a move to studying modern literature, a degree in contemporary history, some collaboration with small magazines, internships in communication offices, a web master course, work as a specialist in web communication, a master’s degree in social media marketing, and further specialization as a digital professional.

Not the linear path one would expect!

And yet, I have grown to understand that all of these different experiences were exactly what I needed to have in order to realize my purpose. I am passionate for art and in love with expressing the modern world through digital media. This renewed awareness of who I was allowed me to take the reins of my career by creating something that would show what I love most on Earth – ART.

Sarah Spagnuolo, CEO & Founder

The Basic Philosophy

My digital research brought me to the conclusion that if so many disciplines had already experienced the Internet renaissance (music on Spotify, videos on Youtube), why not art too?

Artemperature thus came to life as a project for art to disseminate across the web thanks to social media. The internet is a beautiful tool as it can bring art anywhere and to anyone with a connection!

From Artemperature’s opening in November 2016 to now I have produced more than 150 videos dedicated to art (please consider that I had not the slightest idea of how to make a video back then) and have now conducted more than 15 interviews with artists … with an interesting first result: my April video on street art has grown viral!

Viral Post

Artemperature - Il post virale

One Million Minutes of Art on Facebook

Artemperature - Statistiche Facebook

Interviews of 2017

In 2017 we interviewed many artists and I truly would like to thank them for taking their time to help our project grow!

  • Davide Magni, founder of Spotsketch, who told us his story
  • Federico Clapis, who told us his philosophy of art on the internet
  • Stefano Bolcato, the artist who reinvents the great classics in a LEGO style
  • Paola Grizi, a very talented sculptor
  • Andrew Rogers, the record-breaking land artist
  • Simone Fugazzotto, the artist who demonstrates contemporary life through images of monkeys
  • A big thanks to Vittorio Sgarbi (even if he is not an artist )
  • Rocco Normanno, the award-winning artist with his painting depicting Sgarbi
  • Frida Castelli, the queen of erotic art in Italy
  • JAGO, the artist behind fantastic sculpture
  • Francesca Pasquali, the artist who creates 3D patterns with recycled materials
Interviste 2017

The 3 Most Viewed Videos on Artemperature

Artemperature - I tre video più visti nel 2017

Artemperature, 2018

A rich new year awaits us. Our philosophy is that art is for everyone, so we propose that everyone should be able to own works of art at affordable prices.

Keep an eye out as we expand our art catalogue, providing you with more choices than ever before.

We are also excited to announce that we will be launching expert-guided art trips, because art is an experience to live, wear and share!