Jane Perkins is a British artist famous worldwide for her artworks made by hundreds of found objects!

Here we introduce the first Limited Edition puzzle jigsaw collection dedicated to Jane Perkins's artworks.

The 10% of proceeds from this collection supports Leukaemia Care.

Jane describes herself as a ‘re-maker’, taking inspiration from found objects and working them into something new. She loves art with an element of fun and the unexpected, and hopes her work will make you smile!

Jane created her first portrait ‘The Queen: Made in China’ in 2008 after completing a textile degree in 2006. Since then she has continued to make portraits of ‘iconic’ figures, animals and Plastic Classics which give Old Masters a contemporary twist.

Jane’s work needs to be viewed at two levels; from a distance to see the whole image, and close up to identify the materials used. She uses anything of the right size, shape or colour: toys, shells, buttons, plastic items, beads, broken jewellery etc.

No colour is added – everything is used exactly ‘as found’.-

My cause

Leukaemia Care is a UK blood cancer support charity. They are dedicated to ensuring that anyone affected by blood cancer receives the right information, advice and support.

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Exclusive and limited edition, artist certified, jigsaw Puzzle.


How many pieces of objects usually you use for making an artwork and how long take you to sort out the best from your “archive” of material?
I have never counted the number of objects in a work but once estimated that it would be around 3000 pieces. I am not a tidy worker and my room is not well organized. I have tried to work in a more systematic way but cannot do it! Out of chaos emerges beauty!
How do you collect this material?
My materials come from a variety of sources – car boot sales, charity shops, friends and neighbours. I love sifting through bags of unwanted goods, looking for interesting items of exactly the right colour. Other people’s discards are my treasure!
Being an artist who use recycling as main process of her work, is something important for you? And if yes, why?

I am shocked by the availability of mountains of unwanted toys and other goods in our throw-away Western society. However, my purpose in using recycled materials is not as an “eco-warrior”. I use recycled materials because of their properties and because they express something of me. As the Scottish sculptor, David Mach says, “Every artist needs to find the right material through which he can express himself.”

Which is your favorite contemporary artist and why?
I recently discovered the work of Glenn Martin Taylor – I find his ability to combine different materials in a cohesive way, very exciting.
Which is your favorite own artwork and why?
That is hard to answer. I think I would choose “The Great Wave, after Hokusai” where I used a row of little dolls which look like aliens to represent the fishermen. I like the humour of the piece. I also really like the portrait I made of Audrey Hepburn. I choose images (people or paintings) which are very well known, so that the viewer gets ‘the joke’ of seeing something very familiar having been made in a totally different way.
THROUGH THE Limited Edition Puzzle, we want to make people discovering the beauty of recycling piece by piece. We also look at your artworks like amazing puzzles, do you like puzzles?
I love puzzles of all kinds, especially cryptic crosswords.
You chose to devolve part of the proceeds of the Puzzle made with Artemperature to Leukaemia Care, why you chose this no-profit organization?
My husband was diagnosed with leukaemia a few years ago, so this is something close to my heart.
Three things you hate

Litter, betting adverts on television, automated telephone services.

Three things you hate
Coffee, swimming, walking by the sea.