When we discovered Paperwolf’s sculptures,we could not help but fall in love with them at first sight! Fresh, colorful, elegant, and lightweight, the sculptures are perfect gifts for animal and design lovers alike. Objects created for refined children and adults, and perfect for those who love the idea of building their own sculptures. In fact, Paperwolf paper sculptures are sold with instructions about how to make them. We at Artemperature got inspired and thought of a collection dedicated to both children and adults with a tender heart!

Who is Paperwolf?

Wolfram Kampffmeyer,

Behind the name Paperwolf,  Wolfram Kampffmeyer, a German designer, was the creator of what has become a brand known all over the world.

It all started with his passion for creating 3D models. From there, he found a program that turns models into paper carving kits and created his first sculpture dedicated to a pig! Then in 2014 his works were published on  BoredPanda.com  and ThisIsColossal.com and from that moment on began receiving many requests from around the world for his products. The demand was so great that he had to close two stores to be able to fulfill all orders. Recently, he has been a partner for a Greenpeace advertising campaign where his penguins have become the symbol of Antarctic protection.

WE PRESENT The first creations dedicated to PAPERWOLF

The perfect concepts for decorating bedrooms

Paperwolf artworks are perfect concepts for decorating bedrooms! From cushions to framed and non-framed posters, Paperwolf animals add a cheerful and elegant element to any bedroom! In their simplicity they can provide a modern look to children’s bedrooms. Toddlers can have their own modern jungle, and preteen and teenage animal lovers can appreciate their novel designs!