Christoph Rymon is a German artist who brings you into his colorful and cute world where you can play, have fun and immerse yourself in a perfect ‘90s atmosphere.

 We chose Rymon as the first artist to represent our collection “Stupid Cupido” because we really fell in love with his cute paintings about love.

His color palette is tender like an icecream and the stories depicted are as nice and funny as watching a romantic movie at a vintage drive-in! More popcorn, please!! 


At Artemperature we prize every feeling even when we speak about love! We like what is unusual and unconventional. We like to spread positive vibes through art just as Christoph Rymon definitely does.  He is an emerging artist, who changed his professional path from the music industry to art. Read what brought him to this decision and discover more about our collaboration.  

Photo credit to Alexander Malecki

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How did you start to paint and why art?
After years in the music industry, I didn’t feel like being a musician anymore. In the music industry, you produce one piece for many people who need to like it and this brings a lot of homologation in music and sometimes less creativity. I was looking for a new art form that meant more freedom for me. Hence the painting. Painting allows me to make something really special for ONE person, I don’t have to please everyone. I have to please just ONE special person who likes what I do.
From the music world to art, how much music is still there in your art?
I don’t listen to music when I create but I use a lot of the lyrics that I like for my artwork. The lyrics of songs are simple and direct, they arrive at people very easily. So I take Inspiration from songs when I use words in my paintings.
Your artwork looks like being part of the same story. Who is the dinosaur and what is the car that we see so often in your paintings?
They represent my story. They represent the moment when I met colors in my life. These are both toys from my childhood that I loved very much. That is why I keep resurrecting them in my pictures.
Who are your favorite artists?
Super Future Kid, Henri Rousseau, Erik Minter.
Which is your favorite own artwork and why?

The picture with the dinosaur who joined the casting for the new Jurassic Park Movie. I love the Dino and Jurassic Park.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Out of my desire for a carefree, colorful world. I was born in ‘83 in East Berlin. My childhood was characterized by shades of gray and a lack of consumption. But that changed in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell. Suddenly I was confronted with the colorful consumer world of the West. Overwhelmed by the colors and smells of these new times, it was clear to me that color was the new gray.
What is your relationship with “Love”? 
I only do things that I love so it’s an important part of my life
What would you like people to feel looking at your artworks? 
That they enter a carefree world and find their own happy place
Three things you hate
Cold weather, unfriendly and arrogant people, people who don’t like animals
Three things you LOVE
Colors, dogs, my girlfriend.

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Christoph Rymon

Christoph Rymon is a German artist who brings you into his colorful and cute world where you can play, have fun and immerse yourself in

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