Yes, here we are! We are an artivist lifestyle brand. The problem that we want to solve is the old-fashioned way to experience art.
Our solution is to co-create artsy purposeful lifestyle products to collect for a better world.

We connect art to social causes because we believe in the power of art to move people and inspire a change.

The 10% of proceeds from this collection supports initiatives for the art community.

Our Art-temperatures collection is inspired by the concept to play with color shades for creating different  “art temperatures”: so we have Boreal, Tropicus, Equator and others!

Other collections are inspired by the materials, graphic patterns or by the art community itself. 

Our collection’s products cost a bit less than the artist’s collections because we don’t consider our-self artists, we promote, we support and we enhance the messages of artists. 

Anyway, this is our way to collect money  for our cause: create a sort of fund to re-invest in initiatives for the art community. We have many ideas about what we could do, but this depends also from you!

We hope to let you know more soon!

Thanks for your support!


My cause

Projects and initiatives to support the art community. 

Artemperature banner


Colorful Art-temperatures products to support the art community!