To engage with people even during the COVID global pandemic, Getty museum team came up with a very creative idea inviting people to reproduce artworks with what they have at home. It was so good that went immediately viral. Are you ready to pick it up ?

At the end of March 2020 – during the global pandemic that forced museums and art galleries to close – Getty Museum Los Angeles came up with a very creative challenge. The museum invited art lovers to try to recreate a work of art using what they have (objects, people and animals) in their home.

The challange went viral world wide and many people (and schools) participated. In Switzerland some of the schools made the challenge part of students homeworks.

Here some amazing pictures from my creative neighbors. Thanks for sharing them with us!


These pictures demonstrate how “living art” is so much powerful than just “contemplating art” in terms of engagement. If you have a look on Instagram at #gettymuseumchallenge you can find so many hilarious photos made with kids, adults, animals…the whole families took part and had fun in this cultural experiment and it was maybe also a way to get up the mood during a not-fun situation. 

Anyway, Getty Museum wasn’t the first to have this idea. The idea came from a couple of Instagram accounts. Covid Classic, a group of friends and art lovers living together during the quarantine. They started to remake some masterpieces and the result was so fun and amazing that they got high visibility on Instagram.


The other Instagram initiative:  Tussen Kunst en Quarantaine (aka Between Art and Quarantine). Be sure to check them out as well.

And the challange go on! I tried to convince my family to remake a masterpiece…still trying :). Here my first remake, try to find your own!