Artemperature was born at the end of 2016 as a research project by Sarah Spagnuolo looking at the interaction of the Internet and art, specifically social media’s role in making art viral.It was based on the idea that art needs an Internet revolution, similar to the effects Spotify or Youtube have on music and video. What awaits the world of art that was not before possible? This is the question that Artemperature asks and will continue to investigate.

The Internet certainly helps for discovering new talent, which is why Artemperature researches artists across social media.

The web allows you to bring cultural content, such as a work of art, to a platform that can be enjoyed by all.

The Internet democratizes the art market, opening doors for those who may have never entered an art gallery to be able to collect their own works of art.

But the real question we are asking is what can art do for the Internet? The answer to this excites and motivates us to continue exploring new models of communication.

Artemperature started as a research project and has now evolved into a digital museum, in which an international team brings together all of the Internet’s potential to offer the art lover a unique digital experience. Artemperature is a place where you can enjoy exhibitions otherwise not accessible, a place where you can get to know the artists, and buy the best from galleries all over the world. Artemperture is for discussing art together, without barriers.


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