The name Artemperature was created in 2016 by Sarah Spagnuolo to define the desire to create a new unit of measurement of the art world: what would go through the pages and social media of Artemperature had to be trendy and cool. Art for Sarah has never been the product of a complicated and hermetic intellectual exercise, but the expression of the human being that nowadays is also expressed online, benefiting from the possibility of reaching anyone through the Internet and social media.

After a while, Sarah realized that was missing something in the way people were experience art and it was a PURPOSE. For Sarah art is not just beauty and inspiration, but it is a way to feel a message or an emotion, and just when people are feeling something and are touched by a message or an emotion, maybe they can act to change our world.

So, in 2020 Artemperature refocused all the research of artists and stories based on their purpose with the aim to influence people to create an impact through art.

The new motto became “Feeling the world through art”.

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Sarah Spagnuolo

Sarah Spagnuolo

Founder, Creative Director

Sarah Spagnuolo calls herself a Techno Humanist. After graduating from high school with an artistic diploma, in 2005 she graduated in Contemporary History from the Catholic University of Milan and immediately began working in the world of corporate communication for multinationals. Very attracted by the internet and its potential, she obtained a diploma as a Web Master and joined the international community of Geek Girls Dinners. Specializing more and more in roles dedicated to digital communication and marketing, in 2011 she attended an Executive Master in Social Media Marketing and Web Communication at IULM in Milan. Subsequently, she became Head of Marketing Communications for two Business Units of the multinational for which she worked from 2008 to 2016. In 2014 Sarah got married and had a baby, and in 2015 decided to leave Italy and follow her husband to Zurich, Switzerland. During this forced break from work Sarah elaborated her idea of Artemperature: a project where she can put her experience in digital marketing at the service of her greatest passion, ART. Artemperature became the training ground for many experiments, all devoted to providing a quality digital artistic experience. Inspirations, stories of art and artists, technologies that amplify artistic messages, and art products make up the world of Artemperature: an online magazine of contemporary art and a brand of art-inspired products.


Cheyenne Cunning

Digital Art Curator

Cheyenne Cunning is an art historian and global studies specialist from Portland, Oregon. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) from Seattle University in 2017, double majoring in art history and international studies. Her academic interests include global visual culture, artistic anthropology, and cultural heritage preservation. She started her plunge into the art world through working as a gallery guide at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, Washington, providing groups of all ages with immersive tours of the Museum’s collection and cultural legacy. Cheyenne has presented on various peer-reviewed research topics, notably discussing the subversive power of Mexican contemporary art in response to U.S. border politics with her project, La Frontera: Artistic Modes of Resistance at the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association Conference, as well as devising New Strategies For Preserving Iraq’s Cultural Heritage, an independent policy report advocating the preservation of vulnerable Iraqi art history in light of the Islamic State’s recent desecration of cultural heritage sites. She co-curated And Not Or, a collaborative exhibition featuring Seattle contemporary artists at the Hedreen Gallery. In February of 2018, Cheyenne became digital curator of Artemperature, the internet-based art enterprise of founder Sarah Spagnuolo.

Cheyenne is a passionate globetrotter, ecological enthusiast, and visual art dabbler. She is a proud Cascadian of the Pacific Northwest United States, but also identifies as a global citizen, open to experiencing diverse cultures for deepening emotional intelligence and exchanging invaluable ideas. She believes in art as the ultimate tool for building empathy in our ever-changing world.

Valentina Nicastro

Valentina Nicastro


Valentina Nicastro works in marketing and communications, but she’s also a blogger and writer deeply in love with her country. 

After graduating in international languages and communications from the Catholic University of Milan, she started to work as a marketing and communications manager for multinational companies both in Italy and abroad and in 2015 she moved back home in Pavia. Having traveled widely around the world for over ten years, at some point she realized there was more to explore closer to home and decided to put the passport aside for a while to explore her home country. Her blog,, is full of guides, photos and useful tips to help you experience the best of Italy like a local. On Artemperature she shares the latest news and stories about Italian arts and culture