The indefinite that changes and redefines itself following the contours of its box.

Here is our first Art and Fashion story inside the WOW Museum in Zurich.

We are in the room dedicated to Morph:  the immersive light installation created by Nadia Crosina.  Nadia Crosina is a Zurich-based visual artist who collaborated with the WOW Museum as part of her Bachelor of Arts in Design (Trends & Identity) at the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK).

Morph is an immersive light installation affecting your vision and senses. A tunnel of AMORPHOUS forms is illuminated in sections and thus creates color mixtures and transitions that play with our eyesight. Afterimages and distance illusions are generated by the interplay.

Morph is not just the set of our photoshoot, dedicated to some of Artemperature’s most appreciated products, such as the rain jacket Follow your Dream and the skirt Optical, but we decided to re-interpret it as the metaphor of the model in the fashion world to which we oppose ourselves.

Here is Sara Streule, aka Sara is in Love with...the quirky style blogger & pink-haired flamingo queen.

Sara Streule, Sara is in Love with... wearing Follow Your Dream Jacket by Artemperature, photo by KZARA Visual Concepts

As a model, I didn't have an identity; I was a chameleon, a silent actress. I was an amorphous thing. I wasn't full of personality, I was full of solitude and solemnity. I wasn't a cover-girl type.

Carmen Dell'Orefice
Sara Streule, aka Sara is in Love with....into the Morph's room at WOW Museum. Photo by KZARA Visual Concepts

Here is Andrea, a strong and independent woman, curious about the world and its facets, promoter of the arts.  

This declaration by a famous American model and actress makes us think about what we would like our photoshoots to communicate and about our relationship with the wonderful creatures who wear Artemperature’s creations.

We want unique and special creatures that express themselves through art, not the other way around…We’re not looking for boxes to fill, but shapes to enhance!

Here are our wonderful unique shapes and colors! Thank you to our MORPHOUS Sara is in Love with… and to Andrea for just being themselves and being so unique and special!

Thank you KZARA Visual Concepts for the incredible photos.

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