Artemperature fights the human disconnection and alienation that is taking place in our over-connected world and its antidote is Art. Art is able to make us feel at a very deep level and just if we feel something we can act to change it. 

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Sarah Spagnuolo

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Skin tone is no crime: the Black Lives Matter murals

Art has always been the voice of great revolutions and what is currently happening in the US with the Black Lives Matter murals is no exception. Following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, street art pieces started to appear across the country to amplify protests against police brutality and persisting racial inequalities.

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Otto Piene and Brigitte Kowanz at Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich

Let’s visit the Museums again! One of my biggest regret of this lockdown has been not having experienced the Olafur Eliasson exhibition in Zurich. The lockdown started just a couple of weeks before the closing of the ” must-see” exhibition in Zurich, and I lost it.  Kunsthaus didn’t extend it and so it’s gone. Instead,…

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